Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger
auf Anhangerfahrgestell A1

300 L. Drinking Water Tank Trailer, Luftwaffe



Wassertankanhanger, Luftwaffe, 1939,  LeadWarrior Resin Kit

Anhangerfahrgestell A 1 - the type A1 single-axle light trailer chassis - had been designed for Luftwaffe before the war, and was produced by its end. It had a weigh of 140 kg, and payload of 610 kg (750 kg - for type A1B), and was to be towed by light motor vehicles, or even by men power.

Anhangerfahrgestell, 300 L., Luftwaffe, 1939

The construction was very simple, yet, the A1 was used as chassis for different superstructures and auxiliary trailers, such as:
Tragkraftspritzenanhanger 8 Bauart 1939 - portable pump trailer,
Fasstransportanhanger – barrel transport trailer,
Oltankwagen mit Handbetrieb - oil tank wagon with manual operation,
Motorenanwarmer 38 – air heater (motor warmer),
CO2 Loschkarren - CO2 extinguisher cart,
Luftschaumspritze - foam fire engine,
Tankspritzenanhanger - fire tank-wagon trailer,
Olanwarme- und Reinigungsgerat - oil pre-heating and cleaning device,
Sd. Ah. 25/1 - trailer for electric generator type F,
Sd. Ah. 25/2 - trailer for signals equipment,
Sd. Ah. 25/3 - Beleuchtungsanhanger N - illumination trailer type N,
- And some others.

This kit presents the Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger auf Anhangerfahrgestell A 1 – the 300 liters tank trailer on A1 chassis, used to supply drinking water in the Luftwaffe auxiliary troops.

Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger, Luftwaffe

Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger, Luftwaffe

Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger, Luftwaffe

Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger, Luftwaffe

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