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Steel Drums Transporter Trailer, Luftwaffe



Fasstransportanhanger, Luftwaffe, LeadWarrior Resin Kit

Anhangerfahrgestell A 1 - the Type A1 single-axle light trailer chassis - had been designed for Luftwaffe before the war. It had a weigh of 140 kg, and payload of 610 kg (750 kg - for type A1B), and was to be towed by light motor vehicles, or even by men power. The construction was very simple and relieble, so the A1 was used as chassis for many superstructures and auxiliary trailers.

Anhangerfahrgestell, Luftwaffe, 1939

One of the A1-based trailers was the Fasstransportanhanger - the trailer for transportation of a pair of steel drums, which could be the standard 200L. (55 gal.) fuel drums, or 300L. (85 gal.) salvage / waste drums.
This trailer had a hand-driven winch for uploading of the drums.

Fasstransportanhanger, Luftwaffe

This photo shows the Fasstransportanhanger with the Eisenrad (700mm. Steel Wheels).

Schneekufen fur Eisenbereifte Fahrzeuge

The Schneekufen fur Eisenbereifte Fahrzeuge - snow skids for vehicles with iron wheels - were often used in winter.

Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger & Fasstransportanhanger, Luftwaffe

Here two A1-based trailers can be seen - the Sd.Ah.413 Wassertankanhanger ( LW35216 ) in front, and the Fasstransportanhanger (beside the wall).

Fasstransportanhanger label

This is an original label plate of the Fasstransportanhanger

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