Steyr Type 2000A
mit Flak.38/103 "JABOSCHRECK"

1/35 resin CONVERSION KIT For TAMIYA Steyr Type 1500A/01 ( Kit # 35225 ).
and DRAGON Flak.38/103 'Jaboschreck' AA Gun

Steyr 2000A mit Flak.38/103

Austria's all-wheel drive Steyr 1500 was one of the many personnel/transport vehicles designed to meet the Wehrmacht's requirement for a standard 1,5 ton truck. Presented in 1941, the Steyr was used as a transport in all theaters. A total of more than 20,000 were built, in a wide range of variants. Tamiya offers the basic and command versions. The chassis of the Steyr 1500A and its reinforced variant, the Steyr 2000A were also used for fire trucks, omnibuses (Leadwarrior kit Lw35026), ambulances (Leadwarrior kit Lw35025), a universal Funk-Koffer, or radio vehicle, and different types of cargo carriers (Leadwarrior kits Lw35023, Lw35024, Lw35027, Lw35028).

In the second half of WWII, due to Allied air superiority, Germany faced an urgent need for self-propelled anti-aircraft mounts. Besides many official developments utilizing Panzer hulls and halftracks, there was a wide range of local improvisations made using all sorts of vehicles and guns. Steyr trucks were also field-converted to carry AA-guns (Leadwarrior kit Lw35029).

During the last months of the war, a new AA gun, the 3cm Flak 38/103 became available. Also known as the Jaboschreck or 'Fighter-Bomber Terror,' this was a modern weapon, even though it utilized many parts from the obsolete Flak 38, including the carriage and frame.

The Steyr 2000A conversion mounting the Jaboschreck was soon introduced, and was put into immediate production. Most of the vehicles were picked up immediately at the factory by the troops and taken right to the front line. No photos of this vehicle are known, but detailed descriptions state that the gun was mounted in the rear on the low-sided wooden flatbed, on a round pedestal. Ammunition was stowed in a compartment under the bed.

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